How to stay motivated in winter

September 10, 2021

How to stay motivated in winter
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It can be hard to stay motivated as we fast approach the cold and wet winter here in Perth. Here are three ways I keep motivated when it’s so cold outside:

Create a cozy (but uplifting) environment:

When I am working from home, I put candles on, have uplifting blends bubbling away in my diffuser, open the blinds (and windows) for natural light and crisp fresh air and set myself up in a designated workspace. I make a pot of peppermint tea so I can sip throughout the day and it keeps me warm and toasty but sharp and focused.

Do your 3 M.I.T’s first:

If you have an endless to-do list (I hear you!), take a look at the list first thing in the morning and pick out your three M.I.T’s (most important tasks) for the day. Do those first and then slowly work through what you can for the remainder of the day. If all you complete is the three tasks, then they were the most important ones anyway!

Have a cold shower:

Weren’t expecting that now were you! One of the things I do when I first wake up (aside from making my bed) is to have a cold shower. I turn the water on warm first, then turn it to cold for 30secs for an energetic burst and then back to warm again so I’m not freezing cold for the rest of the day. I find it brings me into the moment and shakes off any sleepy energy so I can have a productive day.

Leave a comment below to let me know your favourite way to start the day!

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