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Is it time you finally got some help with your emails?
Is your social media profile feeling a little neglected?
Are you in need of some clarity to help with your next step?
Or are you not even sure where to start?
I LOVE helping small businesses and can help
you all the above and more!

You don't have to do it all yourself.

real talk:

When I was setting up my business, I needed help with my website content and editing using Wordpress. Prema was brilliant with assisting and helping me get my head around it all. Her communication and clear advice was invaluable and I would definitely use her again, as well as highly recommend Prema for her administration expertise. 

Prema helped me set up my landscaping business. I didn’t quite understand how to set up new social media profiles and didn’t have the time to add my business to free listings – Prema organised it all. She even helped hire (great) staff for me including job adverts and interviews! She is friendly and very capable. In fact, I believe that had I hired her for longer, she would have set up and run the entire business on my behalf! I am very grateful for her help, thank you.

Bodie Mike Bell

Tao Tait 

Luxe Biz Hub Happy Clients

 WA Retic Guys & WA Gardening Guys

New Indoor Plant Business

Snap Mobile Automotive Repair

Prema Day from Luxe Biz Hub was an inspiration for me when embarking on a new 'small business' venture at the beginning of the year. Her enthusiasm for fresh ideas on how to market the business and product knowledge helped me immensely. Without her encouragement, simple and direct advice I wouldn't have been able to begin setting up the business as quickly as I did.

Isha Graham

Indi + Kali

Indivar Designs - Custom Wood Art

Prema's assistance and guidance with launching our art business on social media has been nothing less than amazing. Her knowledge, experience and creative ideas are communicated in a way leaves us feeling empowered and positive about our business. It feels like anything is possible with her by our side!

The online responses and following we have gained as a result of working with Lux Biz Hub have turned into real sales and growth.

We couldn't have done this without her and I would recommend having her on side to anyone wanting to grow, streamline and find a voice & design style for their business.

Is Luxe Biz Hub Right For You?

You feel stuck or overwhelmed + need someone to talk to

you're expanding + need new systems / programs / staff (and a bit of training wouldn't go astray)

You're just starting out + crave clarity and direction

You want to know how to organise and streamline your business so it runs really smoothly

You're ready to get help with the 'behind the scenes' work so you can do more of what you love

There are several different ways we can work together:

1. Virtual Assistance Services (social media, admin, marketing)
2. Virtual Business Support (recruitment, design, website, systems)
3. Business Mentoring/Training Sessions (1hr + 1.5hr sessions)

Send us a message and let us know what you need help with.

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“Prema's communication and clear advice was invaluable and I would definitely use her again.”

- Bodie Mike Bell