Three rules to implement in your business today

I took advantage of the recent weekend by organising my house and assisting clients with virtually organising their businesses. It’s one of my favourite things to do to ensure everything runs really smoothly and important items/emails can be found really easily. I have a few rules in the businesses I manage and those I assist […]


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Starting a business isn’t easy but it is definitely rewarding. There are so many things I wish I knew before I began many years ago. Here are just 3 ways to achieve success in business: Get Organised: Don’t underestimate the power of organisation. It will help you complete tasks and stay on top of everything. […]

What I wish I knew before starting a business


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One of the most important ways to ensure success in business is to ORGANISE your business. When things are in disarray you may feel out of control. You might forget important meetings, forget to send emails and lose documents on your cluttered desktop (not to mention lose respect of your valued clients). Eeek. Here are […]

How to succeed in business


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I’ve been self-employed since 2012 and have run several businesses (incl. a very successful all-natural cleaning business which I still run today), an online organic store, teaching yoga & relaxation/retreats and life coaching.

I’ve been strongly involved in personal growth since 2010 - removing negative belief systems, learning about my behaviours & patterns and growing through all the challenges life (and business) has thrown my way.

I am a certified holistic health & life coach, qualified counsellor and yoga teacher so I can help and support you even further.

I have been told I am a very approachable, supportive, empathetic and selfless person and you can talk to me, as you would your dearest friend.

I have worked with people from all industry types such as gardening, cleaning, reticulation, automotive, yoga, counselling, photography, wellness, fitness, products, interior design, real estate and more!

Am I the right fit to be your business side-kick?

Life is much easier when you have a helping hand!